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Information about offer: Travel and talk freely!

Travel and talk freely!

Telecom prepaid roaming enables you to, use your number abroad... And it's the same, familiar way as when you are in the Telekom mobile network - recharging of the account with avoucher.
How do you call when you are abroad?
Calls to numbers abroad receive as international. This means, first enter the international prefix for international calls (dial + or 00), then the country code, area code followed by GSM network or area code when calling a fixed number (without the 0) and phone number. For example, a call to the mobile network in Slovenia looks like this: + 38641xxxxxx OK.
Or ...
This dialing mode is not enabled in all countries. In some networks operator must use short codes. In this situation, you can: make a call, receive a call and receive an SMS.
Making a call using short codes
To make a call, first enter 124 . Next to him, enter the number you are calling, followed by # and OK. And in this situation calls to numbers abroad receive as international. For example, a call to the mobile network in Slovenia is as follows: 124 # + 38641xxxxxx OK.

How to check and supplement the account in roaming? Addendum your account and check the status, you get easy and free - in the same way as when you are at home.

Charging calls while roaming

Outgoing calls
When you are abroad, all calls made from your phone is charged by the operator whose network you are using. Information on these tariffs can be obtained by calling the number 1500.

Incoming calls
It is important to know that while you are in roaming on the network of most foreign operators charge you and incoming calls, for the prices of calls from Montenegro to the country in which you are located. In this situation, you pay the international part of these calls. In other words, the person who called you pays for the call as if you are in Montenegro, and you pay the international part of a call from Montenegro.
General information on roaming
MMS in roaming is charged per sent message.
Farewell border!

Before traveling, make sure you have activated roaming service and find out about all the details. Call the contact centre on 1500 or visit our T-Center. At your request prepaid roaming will be activated within 24 hours
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