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Information about offer: Rafting down Tara river

Whole day excursion

Ravines, huge obstacles, abysses and rapids, steep riverside with hundred of years old forest, are just a part of décor of second biggest in the world canyon, 82 km long, and at some places 1300m deep. Rafting down clean mountain river Tara surrounded by nature and Montenegrin food will assure you that water attractions of most famous fun parks are just a pale simulation of that what nature can make.

Having arrived to the rafting area, you shall see that it is the most attractive part of the Tara River with its rapids and waterfalls. Its water is even drinkable. The Tara canyon is the longest and deepest in Europe . As such it is under the protection of UNESCO, as a part of the world's natural heritage. In the world only the Colorado River's canyon is bigger than the Tara 's one.

While the experienced rafters are steering the boats, descending down the rapids of the Tara, guests can enjoy the beauty of wild nature around them. There are short breaks during the rafting time for taking swims and photos.

The following services are included into the excursion's price: transport by bus (AC), guide, jeeps, breakfast and lunch, rafting, equipment, tax for National park.