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Information about offer: THE 13 - The most luxurious hotel of the world

Extravagant hotel, which now holds the title of the most luxurious hotels in the world, will open in Macau this year...

The price that has marked this hotel as the most expensive was $ 1.4 billion, or seven million dollars per room. Located in south China, this hotel is simply called 'The 13'. The hotel has 200 suites, which measure up to 3,000 m2, which are decorated with impeccable pieces of furniture, sculptures, drapery and accents.

Details that will delight you in the design of this hotel are baroque-inspired frescoes on the ceilings, plush, draperies with gold details, marble floors, stained-glass windows, neoclassical columns and spectacular chandeliers.

Villa du Comte guestrooms will be at least – it will have 'only' 200 m2 of space, while the largest, Villa de Stephen, will have a 3,000 m2 area. As we found out, one night stay in these rooms will cost about $ 100,000 for one night.

Guests will have access to 24-hour butler service, a professional staff that is trained in Paris and received British certificates. Also, guests who want everyone to make it clear that they’re VIP will have the opportunity to go to and from the hotel in red Rolls Royce Phantom car.

In addition to the six Chinese, French and Japanese restaurants and bars, as part of this hotel will be opened L'Atelier, as the first private shopping area, which is accessible by invitation only, and offers flawless products with the signatures of high-end luxury brands.