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Some people just can’t wait to go on their long-planned vacation, some are still not quite sure about the date or destination ... If by any chance you still belong to that other group, here are some interesting and exotic proposals, which will allow you to replace those tropical photos from your desktop with an unforgettable  real-life experience. Here are the top 10 tropical destinations that will certainly not leave you indifferent.

1. Heron Island, Australia

When we talk about summer tourism, many destinations are now become a cliché, for those people who would like to experience something new and a little bit different than just lying all day in the sun, Heron Island is a good choice. Located 45 miles off the coast of Queensland, at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, this island is an oasis for a huge number of exotic animals and birds. This is one of those places where, when you go out for a walk, you can run into a beach full of sea turtles, and if you find yourself there between November and February, chances are that when you look up, away from the sand and on to the beautiful sea, you might notice a whale somewhere in the distance. Because the island is not too big, all tourists are mainly located in the 'Heron Island Resort-a', within the small and cozy, wooden, huts near the beach, usually facing the sea. Apart from pleasurable walks along the beach, other interesting activities also include classes in underwater shooting and professional diving. The size of Heron (800m in length and 300m wide) ensures that there is never too many people at the same time on this island, so this is the perfect place to go to for a total relaxation and break from the rest of the world.

2. Piha Island, New Zealand

Located on the west coast of the North Island, 40 kilometers from the city of Oakland, this island with its black sand, has the best reputation when it comes to beaches good for surfing the waves of the Tasmanian Sea. What makes this place even more special is its breathtaking landscape, along with the magnificent 'Lion Rock' that protectively oversees the main beach. Also, these magnificent landscapes have been used more than a few times for scenery in many famous movies. The way of life here is very relaxed as are the very pleasant inhabitants of the island. Piha is the perfect destination for those who are looking for an adventure. In addition to the previously mentioned surfing, tourists can enjoy long walks through the beautiful landscapes of the Piha Island, numerous clubs which are located near the beaches, or they can engage in other sports, like tennis, that is very popular here. This really is a destination for those who are looking for a more recreational type of holiday, but if you do choose this destination, you can be sure that Piha, or at least its waves, will sweep you of your feet sooner or later.

3. Shikoku Island, Japan

Bahamas, Seychelles, Hawaii ... are all common locations that people think of, when we mention the turquoise waters and white sand, but have you ever thought about going to Japan for a view like this?

Ozuna Kaisuiyokujo is one of those places that fits this descriptions. Located along the eastern coast of the island, near the city of Tokushima, this idyllic resort overlooks the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Ideal location for tourists who want to relax all day in the sun, but also for those who want a little bit more from their vacation, this place offers the most diverse range of hotels and activities. Only few hours away from Tokyo, it includes all the best features of the previous two proposals, including the fact that  if you come here between May and August, you can catch up and hang out with the sea turtles, if you’ve missed them by any chance on the  Heron Island.

4.  Belize, Central America

Since we have been talking a lot about the recreational vacations, the second largest coral reef in the world, Belize is an ideal location for those other tourists who wish to spend their holidays only with natural fruit juices, palm trees and a bunch of books and magazines by their side. Of course, this can be an ideal destination to serve as a romantic journey with you and your loved one, but for a larger group of friends as well. The range of prices and hotels is versatile, so everyone can find something suitable for their pocket. If you choose this destination, you will probably feel like you walked  into a set of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie, but you will also probably ask yourself why you haven’t thought about this scenario for your vacation sooner?

5. Koh Tarutao, Thailand

Thailand is a country that rapidly started developing its tourism in the last ten years, and for a very good reason. Most people describe this country as one long and beautiful 'Thai massage'. Our proposal is an island of Koh Tarutao, a place whose name, when translated form Malaysian language means mystery and nature. It is an ideal location to get away from all your responsibilities and relax on the warm sand with perfect view. Taruto is also a very well protected national park, so there aren’t many luxury hotels here, which allows tourists that do come on this island, an additional dose of privacy. Accommodation is usually in the form of charming bungalows, which are located on the three main beaches of the island, with food consisting mainly of local and traditional Thai dishes. For people who really like to experience new cultures and customs, Koh Tarutao is a good location to combine the 'educational' and relaxing aspect of traveling.

6. Bazaruto Island, Mozambique

As part of the Bazaruto National Park, this is the largest island within the eponymous archipelago. Warm Mozambique current helps with a constant accumulation of sand and expanding the island's beaches. What makes this island so beautiful and special is also a well-known and extremely transparent clear water that surrounds it. When we previously talked about replacing the image from your desktop with a real and unforgettable experience, this is a destination we had in mind. Peace and quiet, along with the sound of the waves and warm air will be just enough to make you forget about all the worries from the office.

7. Vieques, Puerto Rico

After the U.S. Navy left this place in 2003, after more than sixty years of using this beautiful oasis for their field exercises, they left behind something truly rare in today's time- an untouched nature spot. Today this place is one of a few reserves of this type and has a very good reason to be called 'The Great Escape B&B'. Here there are only two important cities (with a population of less than 10 000 inhabitants) Isabel Segunda on the north side of the island, and Esperanza on the south. Although a beautiful beach 'Plaza de la Chiva' attracts many tourists to this island every year, the reason its found a place on our list is actually because of the Bay 'Puerto Mosquito-a' (one of the seven officially bioluminescent bays on our planet). The beauty of this phenomenon contributes to the clear waters of the bay. If you decide to visit a magical Vieques, be sure to organize swimming at night or a small cruise in their local boats. Thus surrounded, glittering and magical blue-green micro-organisms,  will make you feel like you are a part of an aquarelle of some kind, like the one in the movie 'What Dreams May Come'.

8. Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands

This proposal is a bite more luxurious one. Almost all of the tourist accommodation on this island, are  a part of the newly opened 'Luxury Resort-a', the first of this kind in the last 15 years in this area. British Virgin Islands, until recently, were not attractive and so well-known tourist destination, but the construction of this luxury complex has slowly begun to change this situation. With comfortable accommodation, great views of the ocean and very good service, those who are keen on tropical vacations, will probably never want to go back home, once they set foot on this breathtaking island. Since the number of rooms and apartments is limited, peace and privacy are guaranteed.

9. Mabul Island, Malaysia

A small island located in the southeastern part of Sabah, in Malaysia, was usually considered to be a simple fishing village until the 1970s. Then twenty years ago it started gaining popularity because of its good location and proximity in relation to the Sipadan Island which is beloved among professional scuba diver. Little by little, word got spread about its incredible beauty and since then it has begun to appear more and more in the tourist guides around the world. Accommodation is exclusively in the form of bungalows built over the water, and what is one of the most interesting attractions for people who come here is the variety of fauna that can be compared to the one of Galapagos island. If you decide to spend a few days here, your next-door neighbors will be exotic squids, cuttlefish, jellyfishes, and of course Nemo the clown fish.

10. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Finally, we suggest that you think about a vacation in Africa. Although the continent is not often associated with traditional luxury destination, within the Indian Ocean, along the eastern coast of the continent, there is a casual island of Zanzibar. Apart from the beautiful beaches with turquoise water, what this island offers is the unique historical city called 'Stone Town', which will probably be interesting for those tourists who love to learn something new and to explore, while at the same time resting and enjoying the sun.