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Destinacije koje morate posjetiti prije nego što nestanu

Information about offer: You need to visit these places before they disappear

Our Earth is a luxury, dynamic and infinitely beautiful...

Our planet is home to diverse landscapes and wonderful creations of man. However, due to changes in temperature and sea level rise, many of these incredible scenes may not live to see the next generation.

So pack your bags, grab your passport and book tickets to see these amazing things before they disappear.

Maldives Islands

The Maldives is spread over two islands located in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. As the 'best' country in the world in terms of sea level, with the largest amount of land of 2.3 meters, there is a real risk of being totally immersed in something more than a decade.

Venice, Italy

City of Venice is technically an archipelago formed of over 100 islands linked by bridges and canals. Historical basis of the town have been under water for some time. Although renewed annually, due to lack of funds it cannot be maintained much longer floating on the surface of the city.

Angkor Watt, Cambodia

Angkor Watt was first raised as a Hindu temple. At the moment it has remained the largest religious center in the world, and today the former temple is incredible wreck protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Unstable terrain that surrounds its invasive roots slowly destroys the 1,000-year-old wreck. Today, Angkor Watt continues to sink into the environment.

Dead Sea, the Middle East

Dead Sea has so many visitors who can stay on the beach without having to leave the water. However, the residue of the ocean shows average annual decline since 90-ies, and for thousand years it has already been drying gradually. Due to global warming, it is likely to dry in the foreseeable future.

Seychelles, Africa

Another island country with beautiful landscapes, known as the Seychelles islands are on the verge of sinking and flooding. New attempts with large financial donations from friendly countries lead to a reduction in the chances of damage. However, given the low altitude of the Seychelles, collapse is inevitable.

Kilimanjaro, Kenya

Kilimanjaro's glaciers shrink and disappear. It is believed that the reason for the mix temperature, deforestation and excessive land use, ie visitors who are trying to climb the mountain, which means that the highest point in Kenya, may disappear. Although visits are completely prohibited, nothing can stop them.

Taj Mahal, India

This symmetrical masterpiece several centuries old as the big tomb of Accra built as a home for his wife's lifeless body Shah can soon be closed to the public. Why? Because of the weight and the lack of structural integrity of modern buildings, the Taj Mahal is threatening to collapse.

Australia's Coral Reef

Large spacious bay Australian is officially seeing 'coral bleaching.' This occurs when corals cannot survive due to the warming of the ocean water. In other words, in order to keep Great Australian Reef in life, it would mean the application of new techniques to life, and it would cost Australia millions of dollars.

Madagascar, Africa

Madagascar is known for its beautiful landscapes and varied wildlife. Unfortunately, political instability, economic inequality and natural elements together are a hell of a combination that can destroy this country for decades.